Clinical Outcomes

The TRUE definition of quality is reduction of variation about the mean. As quality experts note, unless you have data, you have no business talking about quality. The focus of Liberty Spine Care is on improving care for back and neck patients. Liberty Spine Care uses written protocols that emphasize a nonsurgical approach first, and surgery is held as the last resort.

Dr Steven Valentino, spine surgery philadelphia, spine surgeon philadelphia, spine surgeon sewell, spine surgery sewell, spine surgeon pennsylvania, spine surgery new jersey In the coming year, new patients coming into Liberty Spine Care will complete an intake form that measures their pain level, severity of symptoms and functional status. Three months after their first visit, a nurse will call a random sample of these patients and interview them for functional status, current symptoms and patient satisfaction. This is the most unbiased, statistically relevant method for outcomes analysis.

The clinical outcomes will then be analyzed by an outside firm that specializes in tracking spine outcomes, and is involved with other spine centers across the U.S. Quality is a journey, however, rather than a destination, and we are committed to continually improving.

We will be posting severity data of new patients beginning in 2015 and a Clinical Outcome Report Card at the end of 2015.




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Dr. Valentino

Dr. Steven Valentino is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship-training in spine. He excels in helping patients return to activity with comprehensive treatment plans. When surgery is necessary, he prefers to use less invasive procedures for patient benefit.

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