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Our educational Internet site can be a resource for referring family practice physicians and chiropractors who want more information about Dr. Steven J. Valentino.

Chiropractors in particular will find Dr. Steven Valentino a receptive referral source because of his background in osteopathic medicine, which provides a unique understanding of the benefit of manipulation for symptom relief.

If you have a patient with a complex back or neck problem who requires surgery or may need a consult for a complex spine problem, you can now access the expertise of Dr. Steven Valentino for the benefit of your patient.

Dr. Valentino takes a team approach to spine care, involving an emphasis on non-surgical treatment options, including spinal injections.

Dr. Valentino’s goal is to provide the most advanced spine care to your patient before returning the patient to your care.




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Dr. Valentino

Dr. Steven Valentino is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship-training in spine. He excels in helping patients return to activity with comprehensive treatment plans. When surgery is necessary, he prefers to use less invasive procedures for patient benefit.

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