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The goal of Dr. Steven Valentino and the team at Liberty Spine Care is to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of those with on-the-job back injury, neck injury or other work-related spine problems.

We understand that when an employee has a back or neck pain problem, the employer and the workers compensation insurance company have a vested interest in the outcome of the patient’s care. This requires a strong communication link between the spine care team, the patient, the employer, the workers compensation company and the case manager who has the responsibility of ensuring that the worker gets the best possible medical care.

We recognize that work-related injury, like an injured professional athlete, requires the spine care provider to compress the diagnosis and treatment of the injured employee to speed the recovery and return to activity and the job, if possible.

From the moment we receive a referral of a work-related back or neck problem, our spine care team is focused on getting the patient into the spine center quickly, so that diagnostics can be performed to determine what may be causing the pain symptoms and develop a sequential treatment plan.

The challenge of the work comp back patients involves the following:

  • Quick access to the physician for diagnostics, assessment and treatment plan
  • Determining the causality of the injury
  • Quick reporting back to the case manager or employer of the patient status and anticipated time away from the job so the employer can adjust staffing needs accordingly
  • Emphasis on non-surgical treatment options if possible, which may include spine therapy or spinal injections
  • Where non-surgical options fail, or in the presence of red flag symptoms, explaining the surgical options to the patient
  • Use of a minimally invasive spine surgery approach where possible
  • Development of a post surgery rehab program that steers the patient back to activity and where necessary a phased in light duty return to work to reduce time away from the job

You can communicate with us through this Case Manager Portal to:

  • Refer a patient to Liberty Spine Care
  • Request feedback on a current patient under our care

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Dr. Valentino

Dr. Steven Valentino is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship-training in spine. He excels in helping patients return to activity with comprehensive treatment plans. When surgery is necessary, he prefers to use less invasive procedures for patient benefit.

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